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Robert A. Barnes Center

Barnes Center

Health Care Center and Rehabilitation

Welcome to the Robert A. Barnes Center at Wesley Ridge – our 31,000 square-foot facility dedicated exclusively to the health and wellness of our residents and the Central Ohio community.

The Robert A. Barnes Center offers skilled nursing, long-term care and senior rehab facility services to help residents transition to their highest possible level of functioning, mentally and physically.

Living well… means living every day to the fullest!

When our residents and families enter the Robert A. Barnes Center, they experience a true reflection of our resident-centered care philosophy. The physical environment provides a flow of beauty, tranquility and peace, while the sights, sounds, colors and textures of the Barnes center encompass the very core of our mission of privacy, dignity, comfort and peace-of-mind.

During your stay, we invite you to enjoy our luxurious amenities. These amenities include:

  • Library
  • Fran’s Hair Care Salon
  • Fine Arts Studio
  • Fitness Center
  • The Kimes Chapel with Meditation Room
  • Fanny Gainer Clinic
  • Optometry and Podiatry Services
  • Concierge and transportation services available

The “Live WELL” concept at Wesley Ridge focuses on patient-centered care, which means providing our residents and family members with individual choices beginning with the layout of our private and companion rooms, to how they spend their day.

At Wesley Ridge, residents thrive in a caring community.

  • Family-style kitchen and dining room overseen by our personal chef
  • Dining options and meal choices that are centered on our residents and their guests
  • Enriched lifestyle programs to address the individual likes of our residents and includes one-on-one activities as well as group programs; all focusing on the different dimensions of wellness