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When Mom or Dad Move In

At some point in time adult children may be faced with the thought of who will take care of mom or dad and should your aging parents move in with you. Does it make financial sense? Will everyone be able to get along? How do you set boundaries for personal space between your spouse and children who may be living in your home?

These are ALL legitimate questions, but where do you begin? Sometimes the decision follows a crisis when you may not have the time to consider the impact on your family. Caring.com estimates that one in every four caregivers lives with an elderly or disabled relative. One of the first discussions should be with your spouse and children to see how they feel about this arrangement; however, there are many other topics to evaluate:

  • Does your current home offer a safe living space or will you need some modifications in the bedroom or bathroom?
  • Finances: Will your mom or dad contribute financially, or will you be paying for additional expenses for their personal and health care?
  • Will supervision or other health care options need to be considered?
  • Are there other family members or siblings who will be willing to help should you take on this change?
  • Does your mom or dad have a social network available?
  • What are the rules of the house? How can everyone still maintain personal space?

There are many topics to evaluate as you consider the options, and communication will be key with both your parents and your family before making such an important decision. Here are two websites with articles and resources to help guide you on caregivers and the benefits and drawbacks of moving someone in with you.

www.caring.com, www.aarp.com