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What Is #GivingTuesday?

What Is #GivingTuesday?

By now, most of us have probably heard about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These “holidays” following Thanksgiving can be great ways to find some items on sale before Christmas, and you can end up saving a lot of money by heading to a local business on Small Business Saturday or by surfing the web on shopping sites on Cyber Monday.

What Is #GivingTuesday and What Day Is It?

Giving Tuesday is the day following Cyber Monday that encourages giving to different organizations or community programs instead of spending money on commercial needs. You can give to any nonprofit organization that interests you, and then share how it helps others on your social media pages. This year in 2015, it takes place on December 1st. This newly-christened day is a way for people to give back when they might not have known about organizations that need funds in order to continue their services.

How Can You Help?

Consider donating the amount you saved on your Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains to our organization this year on Giving Tuesday! Many folks are not aware that it can be difficult to pay for daily living expenses as a Methodist ElderCare resident. These struggles can make daily life stressful and uncomfortable for the residents here—even after they might have been saving for years, they might have experienced a setback or two that would have drained their funds. Many find themselves struggling to pay for services or daily needs, lowering the quality of their lives and health care. Your donation will be sincerely appreciated by our residents.

How Do These Donations Help Others?

In 2014, we at Methodist ElderCare offered 56 residents $1.4 million in care. This money goes directly to helping the residents at either the Wesley Glen or Wesley Ridge location, and goes into the Charitable Care Fund. Each situation is looked at, and the money from the Charitable Care Fund fills in the gaps between what the resident can pay and how much is needed in order to stay there. One year in a nursing home can cost over $80,000, so there’s always a need for more assistance.

Nursing home care also manages to become more expensive every year. Last year, 4% was the five-year annual growth rate for the cost of living in a nursing home. When you are thinking about spending your money on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday, think about putting it to a different use and donating money to your favorite charity or the Methodist ElderCare Services. By giving a little money on Giving Tuesday, you can increase the quality of someone’s life.

To learn more about #GivingTuesday or to make a donation, please visit www.methodisteldercare.org/giving-tuesday.