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Staying Healthy as We Age

It is a fact that our immune systems will change and become weaker as we age. The thymus gland which produces T Lymphocytes , are responsible for identifying cells to fight off foreign invaders in our bodies.  These cells are located within your blood which resides in your organs to fight off illness and infections.  The thymus gland shrinks after adolescence so that by the time you are 40, your immune systems weakens.

As our world population ages, it will be more important than ever for our community to improve its need for a strong and balanced immune system and to promote healthy aging.

Understanding the immune system and how it works can be quite complex, but there are ways to prevent our immune systems from weakening over time. It is estimated that by the time we are 65 years of age that we don’t have the range of cells needed to fight new infections and that those you do have are exhausted.

Here are some ways we can strengthen our immune systems as we age:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Get plenty of sleep and rest (8 to 10 hours)
  • Maintain a regular exercise program
  • Cut down on stress and anxiety
  • Eat Food that contain high antioxidants (fruits and vegetables,  dark greens, whole grains, dairy and meat for protein)
  • Don’t skip meals and eat well balanced meals
  • A multi-vitamin and a calcium supplement especially for women

For more information on immune systems and preventative health, go to the National Institute of Health website.

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