Soups on! Stay warm and share your favorite recipe. - Wesley Ridge Retirement Community
Man Tasting The Food He is Preparing

Soups on! Stay warm and share your favorite recipe.

Food is not only important to healthy bodies, but also the common factor that brings people together to share and create foundations for lasting relationships. Elders frequently eat alone and should consider ways to increase interactions at mealtime. Times have changed, and sitting at the table eating a meal with family is happening less as American families report eating one meal together each week. Seniors are full of rich experiences and knowledge that families are built on, so mealtimes are an ideal time to share.

Another great way to share recipes is by hosting a soup swap. All you need is a good soup recipe to share and a handful of friends and family to invite. Choose your party date and send invitations at least two or more weeks before so your guests have plenty of time to prepare their soups. Be sure each of your guests brings several copies of their favorite soup recipe and each should include why this recipe is special to them. You provide the bowls, utensils, crackers and breads, AND be sure to be prepared to heat the soups!

At the end of the evening each of your guests will leave with recipes for each of the soups from your soup swap. The other fun part of a soup swap is sharing stories about the soups themselves. Some will be old family recipes, while others will be something that a guest threw together years ago and it became a family favorite. By hosting a soup swap you will bring friends and family together, and each will leave with meal ideas for weeks to come. Share your favorite soup recipe with us via the comment section on our page.