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Seniors and Social Media

Did you realize senior citizens are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook?  I will be the first to admit, when I first joined Facebook, I had absolutely no clue what I would talk about. After all, who cared what I had to say?  After joining Facebook I not only found several old friends I thought I’d never talk to again, but I was invited to become friends with family and friends Facebook page and am now we are re connected. Not to mention, the cool points I learned with my grandsons.

I think there’s a myth that anyone over 50 is technically inept, but I don’t believe this is true.  Perhaps many seniors might not be as technically savvy as the younger generation, but I don’t think all of us are clueless when it comes to laptops, tablets smartphones etc.  Like anything else, the more you do it the better you get at it. Taking the plunge into social media is for most senior citizens the scariest part.

The social networks enable us to view videos, read blog post, share pictures and have conversations with people who we thought we’d never see nor hear from again.  To say social media has revolutionized the way families connect is an understatement.  We can use social media tools to learn more about topics that interest us.  Through social media I’ve been able to keep up with events pertaining to my upcoming family reunion this July and have met so many new family members.

Because seniors are now better able to keep up with emerging technologies, we don’t have to be considered “old and out of touch” and can hold our own in any conversation.  Social media is fun, take the plunge and if you don’t like it you can close you account.  To keep with the topic, next week I’ll provide you social media terms that can help get you started with whichever social media you choose to venture into.