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Keep Your Brain Healthy with These Tips

As you age, it is important to maintain your health. Besides keeping weight and cholesterol at their proper levels, it is vital to preserve your mind as well. Like muscles, the brain must be exercised so that Alzheimer’s and similar conditions are kept at bay. Below are some tips to help maintain a healthy brain.

Take a Walk

Your brain requires circulation so that oxygen levels remain high. Any type of aerobic exercise will help increase blood flow. For many seniors, taking a walk should supply enough exercise to keep the mind fit, rather than more taxing aerobic exercises.

Eat Properly

Scientific studies have suggested that a diet filled with high protein and low fat decreases the odds of suffering from dementia.  Fatty foods may raise the chances of developing blood clots and other conditions that could lead to Alzheimer’s. Also, it is wise to eat fish at least once a week. Certain seafood contains omega-3 fatty acids, which may help with memory loss due to aging.

Social Activity

Interacting with others is a wonderful way to maintain cognitive abilities. It is vital to remain social with friends and family. Seniors should consider joining a hobby club or volunteering with an organization that provides social interaction. Simple conversations keep the brain active and can guard against dementia.

Brain Games

To maintain brain health, many experts advise breaking out the board games and paper crossword puzzles. These types of games are considered better than technological games. They require strategy, which keeps the brain active and sharp.

At Wesley Ridge Retirement Community, we take pride in offering stimulation that preserves brain health. Families gain peace of mind knowing their loved ones are receiving the best care and attention possible. We provide a variety of activities and recreational opportunities that keep cognition at high levels. For more information, call 614-328-5597.