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Is It Time for Assisted Living?

Making the decision to move your parents from the home they’ve lived in independently for years is a complex one, both emotionally and practically.  Most of all you want your loved one to be safe and well.  Every situation is different and should be handled accordingly.

In some cases you can count on your loved one to tell you that they can no longer live on their own.  In other cases you will need to look for signs that your assistance is needed to help your loved one make the choice to move to an assisted living community.

Here are some signs to look for which are helpful in making a decision that’s not always an easy one, but a necessary one for both you and your love one’s piece of mind.

1. Mobility Issues:  You are noticing that your loved complains of falling or notice bumps and bruises that they are unable to explain.
2. Skipping Meals:  Your loved one is struggling with what to cook and as a result they are not eating.  While visiting, take a quick inventory of expiration dates on foods and how leftovers are being stored.
3. Signs of Fire: Burned knobs on the stove, pots that are singed and pot holders that have burned edges.  If you see any of these, calmly ask for an explanation of how they happened or when.
4. Signs of Careless Driving:  If you notice that the body of their car has nicks and dents and they are not sure how they happened or when.
5. Unopened bills:  If you find bills piling up in different locations could mean that your loved one is having difficulty managing their finances.
6. Personal Hygiene:  When visiting, you notice him or her wearing the same outfit over and over without it being laundered.  If personal hygiene items such a soap, body wash and toothpaste are lasting longer than they have in the past.
7. Remembering Medication/Prescriptions:  Difficulty in remembering what medicines to take and when to take them.

Sometimes the mention of living outside of the place they’ve called home for so long is scary.  It’s important to let your loved one know that there is a difference between assisted living communities and nursing homes.   Arranging a tour with one of our staff members could help you better explain the many options available for you or your loved one.

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