Healthy Tips on Avoiding Heat Related Illness - Wesley Ridge Retirement Community

Healthy Tips on Avoiding Heat Related Illness

Summer has arrived with all its heat and humidity, therefore it is wise for seniors to reduce their risk of heat related illnesses whenever possible. Below are some helpful suggestions regarding the best ways to have a healthy summer:

Checking on Elderly Friends and Loved Ones

Make sure you or another trustworthy individual check on your elderly friends and family members, such as experienced caregiver. This is one of the best ways to ensure that the person is not overdoing it or has not become exhausted or ill due to hot temperatures.

Planning Activities

Encourage elderly loved ones to plan outdoor activities during non-peak hours when the sun has gone down. Seniors should also move exercise sessions indoors during the hottest times of the year. For instance, using an indoor treadmill, exercising at a gym or walking laps around a local indoor mall are good options for exercise that will not increase the person’s risk of heat exhaustion.

Staying Hydrated

Make sure your senior family member drinks plenty of caffeine free, nonalcoholic beverages to stay hydrated when weather is hot. It is also wise to suggest they eat foods containing potassium and sodium, which is a combination that restores electrolyte balance.