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Fun Ways for Seniors to Exercise Their Brain

You have probably heard this said about the brain, “If you don’t use it you lose it.” That’s why it’s important to exercise the brain, especially as someone grows older. An active brain is a healthy brain. For that reason, you should engage older adults in activities that give their brain a regular workout. There are a lot of activities that can keep the brain healthy and active. Here are a few:


One of the simplest ways of keeping the brain working is through good conversation. Everyone enjoys sharing their stories. You can ask questions that motivate them to recall events and experiences. During the conversation, it’s important to ask open-ended questions such as “tell me about the most interesting place you have visited,” to encourage the individual to think back on past events and share details.


Another tip for exercising the brain is to play board games or card games. Games require people to concentrate and think about winning strategies. It’s best to ask what games he or she enjoys. A familiar game or one that does not frustrate them will be most helpful.


Crossword puzzles and word searches are excellent activities for brain exercise. Make it interesting by asking them if they would enjoy it more if the activity were timed. For example, you might give him or her five minutes to find five words in a word search.


Music listening is also a good brain exercise. In fact, research suggests that when babies listen to classical music it aids in brain development. For older adults, music may uplift the mood and help them relax, especially when a song is familiar and brings back positive memories.

What are your tips to maintain a healthy brain?