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Deciding Where to Spend the Holidays

For me, where I spend the holidays is easy–it’s at home.  My daughter, her husband and my three grandsons come to my house for every holiday.  The other grandparents host either breakfast or lunch, so dinner is always at my house.  I’ve always stressed to my daughter the importance of my grandchildren spending time with both sets of grandparents.  So for all of us, it’s a win-win situation.  Others I hear aren’t as lucky.

For many families as the holidays near, so does the stress.  Over the years I’ve had friends share the ups and downs of planning where and when they will see not only their grandchildren, but their own children.  In most cases there are two sets of grandparents to split time between.  Because rushing from house to house is no fun for anyone, it’s important to have a plan in place to make the holidays an enjoyable and memorable time for all.
I’d like to offer a few ideas I came up with to keep the stress out of the holidays.
1. Develop realistic expectations of how the holidays should be spent.

2. Express the importance of time being spent with both sets of grandparents. This is where your children learn more about you and the traditions your family have shared over the years.

3. Be open to changing your plans if needed.  Flexibility can sometimes help avoid hurt feelings.

4. Suggest bringing everyone together in one location, that way there’s no time restraints and everyone can be stress-free and have fun.

Remember, the holidays are about family, and a time of happiness . Though not always easy, with a little creativity and flexibility, the true spirit of the holiday can be yours to enjoy.