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5 Summer Activities to Do with Your Neighbors

The summer time is a great time to get together with your neighbors.  If you’re looking for something fun to do, you might want to take a look at these five fun summer activities that you can do with your neighbors.

The Cookout

Food is wonderful for bringing people together.  All it takes is a hot cooking surface, a few drinks, and an outdoor space to have a great time in the summer.  Put together a quick meal on your own if you can, or have your guests bring things as a potluck – the short travel time makes it easy for neighbors to bring their best dishes to a cookout.

The Pool Party

If you’ve got access to a pool, use it!  Pools are just as much fun at retirement age as they can be in your youth, so get out there and make a splash!  Paired with food and drinks, a pool can provide you with entertainment all summer long.

Game Nights

Have a few neighbors over to play a few old favorites.  Whether you want to play cards, charades or your favorite board game, these activities are perfect for people of any age.  One of the best tips for this type of activity is simple – don’t get too competitive!

Dinner Parties

It’s great to get together with a few close neighbors and have a fancy dinner party.  Put on your best clothes, create a gourmet meal and talk the evening away with those people to whom you are closest.  A good dinner party provides a classy break from more energetic summer activities.

The Block Party

Block parties are the ideal summer get-together.  You can bring together everyone in your neighborhood with one of these big parties, and you can allow everyone in your neighborhood to play to their strengths.  Whether they provide food, drinks, or even music, everyone has a role.