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5 Games to Play with Your Grandchildren This Summer

The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren can be incredibly strong. Playing games together is one of the ways in which this bond can be strengthened. Additionally, participating in these summer games is a remarkable method of stress relief for grandparents and it can allow kids an outlet to use up some of their boundless energy. Below are 5 games to play with your grandchildren this summer.

Card Games

Many grandparents enjoy playing card games with their grandchildren. One of the beauties of card games is that there are tons of different games with varying difficulties. Therefore, card games are great to play with grandchildren of all ages. Whether it is Go Fish, Gin Rummy or Bridge, this is one fun activity designed to create memories for years to come.

Video Games

Video games provide another great bonding opportunity for you and your grandchildren. With this activity, your grandchild may even be the teacher who shows you how it’s done. No need to worry if you don’t catch on right away. Just enjoy the moment and revel in the laughter that may result from your lack of experience!

Board Games

Board games are designed with bonding in mind. This is another activity in which the possibilities are limitless. You and your grandchildren can play board games like Scrabble, Bingo, Sorry, Candyland and Checkers. These are great because they can teach children how to strategize or expand a child’s vocabulary.


A lot of kids love to play hide-and-seek, and summer means that hiding places can expand to the outdoors. Therefore, it’s time to cover your eyes, start your countdown and yell “ready or not, here I come!” Throw Things So much fun can be had from simply tossing balls, Frisbees or even water balloons. Go ahead, showcase your impressive throwing skills and have fun while doing so!

These are just some of the summer games you can play with your grandchildren. Feel free to create your own as well and expand their imaginations!