August 2017 | Wesley Ridge Retirement Community

Retirement Planning That Can Help You Retire on Time

Whether you know it or not, your retirement is right around the corner.  Your working life will eventually come to an end, and it is up to you to decide how you’ll prepare for that day.  Fortunately, there are retirement planning tips that can help you retire on time.

Choose a Date

It’s easy to let retirement sneak up on you, especially when you’re dealing with the minutia of daily life.  One of the most effective tools you can use for retirement planning is a simple calendar.  Decide when it’s reasonable for you to retire based on your current projected earnings and your savings goals. Putting the finish line in sight is a great way to prepare yourself for the future.

Establish an Emergency Fund

A sudden emergency is a recipe to set back your retirement by years, so start by creating a substantial emergency fund.  A good emergency fund should give you enough money to make it for 60 to 90 days without touching your retirement funds.  This allows for enough time to find your feet again, without requiring you to put aside your planning.

Make Living Arrangements

You should also decide where you’ll live ahead of time so you can start saving.  Senior care service needs will vary by person, so take your health into account when making this decision.  Putting aside funds for your living arrangements will help you to save more intelligently.

Start Eliminating Debt

Finally, start eliminating any recurring bills that will eat into your retirement funds.  If you can accelerate payments on your home or get your car paid off now, you may reduce the amount of money you’ll be spending after your regular income ceases.  This can make it easier for you to retire by your intended goal date.

Keep Your Brain Healthy with These Tips

As you age, it is important to maintain your health. Besides keeping weight and cholesterol at their proper levels, it is vital to preserve your mind as well. Like muscles, the brain must be exercised so that Alzheimer’s and similar conditions are kept at bay. Below are some tips to help maintain a healthy brain.

Take a Walk

Your brain requires circulation so that oxygen levels remain high. Any type of aerobic exercise will help increase blood flow. For many seniors, taking a walk should supply enough exercise to keep the mind fit, rather than more taxing aerobic exercises.

Eat Properly

Scientific studies have suggested that a diet filled with high protein and low fat decreases the odds of suffering from dementia.  Fatty foods may raise the chances of developing blood clots and other conditions that could lead to Alzheimer’s. Also, it is wise to eat fish at least once a week. Certain seafood contains omega-3 fatty acids, which may help with memory loss due to aging.

Social Activity

Interacting with others is a wonderful way to maintain cognitive abilities. It is vital to remain social with friends and family. Seniors should consider joining a hobby club or volunteering with an organization that provides social interaction. Simple conversations keep the brain active and can guard against dementia.

Brain Games

To maintain brain health, many experts advise breaking out the board games and paper crossword puzzles. These types of games are considered better than technological games. They require strategy, which keeps the brain active and sharp.

At Wesley Ridge Retirement Community, we take pride in offering stimulation that preserves brain health. Families gain peace of mind knowing their loved ones are receiving the best care and attention possible. We provide a variety of activities and recreational opportunities that keep cognition at high levels. For more information, call 614-328-5597.

5 Summer Activities to Do with Your Neighbors

The summer time is a great time to get together with your neighbors.  If you’re looking for something fun to do, you might want to take a look at these five fun summer activities that you can do with your neighbors.

The Cookout

Food is wonderful for bringing people together.  All it takes is a hot cooking surface, a few drinks, and an outdoor space to have a great time in the summer.  Put together a quick meal on your own if you can, or have your guests bring things as a potluck – the short travel time makes it easy for neighbors to bring their best dishes to a cookout.

The Pool Party

If you’ve got access to a pool, use it!  Pools are just as much fun at retirement age as they can be in your youth, so get out there and make a splash!  Paired with food and drinks, a pool can provide you with entertainment all summer long.

Game Nights

Have a few neighbors over to play a few old favorites.  Whether you want to play cards, charades or your favorite board game, these activities are perfect for people of any age.  One of the best tips for this type of activity is simple – don’t get too competitive!

Dinner Parties

It’s great to get together with a few close neighbors and have a fancy dinner party.  Put on your best clothes, create a gourmet meal and talk the evening away with those people to whom you are closest.  A good dinner party provides a classy break from more energetic summer activities.

The Block Party

Block parties are the ideal summer get-together.  You can bring together everyone in your neighborhood with one of these big parties, and you can allow everyone in your neighborhood to play to their strengths.  Whether they provide food, drinks, or even music, everyone has a role.