July 2017 - Wesley Ridge Retirement Community

Summer Activities for 65+

Summer is a season filled with sunshine and the opportunity to have fun outdoors. After being cooped up all winter, seniors 65+ can enjoy summer activities while beating the heat. Go For a Swim Many people have backyard pools. Summer is a great time to go swimming, especially for seniors. It is a low impact […]

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Healthy Tips on Avoiding Heat Related Illness

Summer has arrived with all its heat and humidity, therefore it is wise for seniors to reduce their risk of heat related illnesses whenever possible. Below are some helpful suggestions regarding the best ways to have a healthy summer: Checking on Elderly Friends and Loved Ones Make sure you or another trustworthy individual check on […]

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5 Games to Play with Your Grandchildren This Summer

The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren can be incredibly strong. Playing games together is one of the ways in which this bond can be strengthened. Additionally, participating in these summer games is a remarkable method of stress relief for grandparents and it can allow kids an outlet to use up some of their boundless […]

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