February 2016 - Wesley Ridge Retirement Community

Cheap Eats: Dining Out on a Budget

I admit it. I love to dine out. Part of it stems from my job, which has exposed me to a number of new, fun and delicious places around town, and the other from my lifestyle, which has me out and about with clients, business partners and friends for lunch and dinner. Last week alone […]

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Soups on! Stay warm and share your favorite recipe.

Food is not only important to healthy bodies, but also the common factor that brings people together to share and create foundations for lasting relationships. Elders frequently eat alone and should consider ways to increase interactions at mealtime. Times have changed, and sitting at the table eating a meal with family is happening less as […]

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Happy Birthday, Aunt Helen.

February 8, 1926. That is the day she was born. She is Helen Jean, and she is my mother’s sister, my aunt and my Godmother. She grew up in the tiny coal-mining town of Glen Robbins, Ohio in a four-room house with her seven siblings and parents. Yes, ten people in a four-room house. She […]

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