January 2016 - Wesley Ridge Retirement Community

Social Media 101: What is a blog?

By now, many of you have more than likely dabbled with social media or used Google, Yahoo or another search engine to research, communicate or utilize information for your personal or professional use. Many of you also use social media to interact with friends, family, grandkids and organizations. By doing that, you may also have […]

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Tax Rules for Seniors and Retirees

The holidays are over and 2016 is here, and it’s time to gather your information and schedule an appointment to get those taxes filed. Yes, you have until April to get them filed, but I thought I’d help you kick-start the process by offering news you can use before you prepare your taxes or make […]

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Social Security Payout: It Pays To Wait

It’s the end of the year, and typically people think about a number of things: New Year’s resolutions, focusing on their health, planning a trip and whether they are going to retire or not. My cousin Don recently bought a new home for himself and his wife closer to his kids in Georgia. His wife […]

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