August 2015 - Wesley Ridge Retirement Community

How Aging Affects Driving

At 80 years old, my grandmother decided it was time to stop driving. Lucky for the family that it didn’t take much encouragement for her to give up the keys to the car after she backed into her neighbor’s fence. She admitted that she was no longer as focused as she should be and there […]

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Discussing Important Life Decisions With Your Adult Children

As parents we strive to maintain control of our affairs so our adult children don’t have to worry themselves about us. While we can’t always predict the changes that come along with aging, we do know that the most common changes are related to health, living arrangements, the need for assistance, finances, and end-of-life issues. […]

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The Importance of Staying Hydrated

Hot temperatures can be a danger for anyone. For older adults, heat stroke and heat exhaustion are a real problem, making a little extra TLC important during time outdoors when it is hot. There are several reasons for elderly heat vulnerability. As we age, the ability to notice changes in our body temperatures decreases. Many […]

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