September 2014 - Wesley Ridge Retirement Community

Senior Citizens and Volunteering

After many years of working, the idea of volunteering is the last thing on most senior citizens minds.  However, research has shown that staying engaged in retirement can result in better health and prolonged life. So often I hear people say they cannot wait to retire.  Then, about a year into their retirement they are […]

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Grieving the Loss of a Friend

Though we all know death is inevitable, the grieving process is never easy.  When someone you know and love passes, no one can tell you how to feel.  Everyone handles loss differently. For some, the loss of a friend is one of the most challenging losses one can experience in life.  When you lose a […]

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Is It Time for Assisted Living?

Making the decision to move your parents from the home they’ve lived in independently for years is a complex one, both emotionally and practically.  Most of all you want your loved one to be safe and well.  Every situation is different and should be handled accordingly. In some cases you can count on your loved […]

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