Holleran 2014 Highest Honors awarded
to Wesley Ridge

Wesley Ridge was awarded by Holleran 2014 Highest Honors for the

outstanding efforts in providing the highest level of service to the residents.

Wesley Ridge was rewarded for the accomplishments in achieving scores that exeeded the 90th percentile and above the National Benchmark for several Independent Living survey factors.

The following Independent Living survey factors achieved Highest Honors for Wesley Ridge:

  • Opportunity for resident input
Daily Living:
  • Quality of spiritual services


  • Comfort of apartments/Ridge Homes

Dining Services:

  • Quality of food
  • Variety of menu selections
  • Visual appeal of meal service in the dining room
  • Apperance of waitstaff
  • Training of waitstaff
  • Cleanliness of dining areas
  • Appropriateness of resident dress code
  • Temperature of food

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Testimonials & Review

My Husband and I had a great expierence when taking our tour with Fanny. She was a pure delight and she made us feel very confortable with her and the facility. She was very informative and answered all of our questions for us. I really enjoyed speaking with her and enjoyed her great personality during our tour.

- Nancy Gallop