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If you  interested in volunteering contact;

Erika Englebrecht, Volunteer Coordinator

Hospice Volunteer Opportunities
Becky Huitger

How to Become a The Wesley Communities Volunteer

The Wesley Communities volunteers are required to take certain steps before starting their volunteer responsibilities.  These requirements are listed below.

1)  Complete a volunteer application.

2)  Complete an Applicant Authorization form for a background/fingerprint check.  A background check/fingerprinting for adults is mandatory in order to become a volunteer.

3)  Students in high school must be a least fifteen (15) years of age and in the ninth grade to apply, have parental consent, sign the student contract and dress code and have a seasonal flu shot.  Two teen reference letters are required.

4)  Interview with the Volunteer Coordinator.  You will be called to set up an appointment once your application has been processed.  It is, at that point, any remaining paperwork will need to be submitted.

5)  A badge must be obtained in our Human Resource office before your service begins.  A valid license, state ID or student ID must be presented to obtain a badge.  Adults will be fingerprinted at this time with no cost to the volunteer.

6)  Prospective volunteers who have recently been hospitalized must wait six months before volunteering.

7)  Prospective volunteers must be able to work independently and commit to three (3) months and six (6) hours per month.

*  The Wesley Communities does not participate in any court ordered community service hours. 

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Testimonials & Review

My Husband and I had a great expierence when taking our tour with Fanny. She was a pure delight and she made us feel very confortable with her and the facility. She was very informative and answered all of our questions for us. I really enjoyed speaking with her and enjoyed her great personality during our tour.

- Nancy Gallop
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