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Save the Date!

The Wesley Communities is pleased to announce that the 5th Annual Wesley Glen/Wesley Ridge Residents’ Cup Charity Golf Classic will be held Tuesday, July 15 at Pinnacle Golf Club.

Proceeds will benefit Hospice Services at Methodist ElderCare & Wesley at Home. For more information, contact Dinah Cason at 614.501.1458 or dcason@mecsrc.com




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Hospice Resources

Myths and Facts About Grief
Common myths and misconceptions about hospice.

Walking the Journey - Bereavement and Grief
You are in our thoughts as you walk this journey of grief. We express our sympathy at the death of your loved one, and we offer you these words of comfort, support and hope.

Grief and Mourning: Dealing with the Death of a Loved One
At some point all of us experience the loss of someone important in our lives. Dealing effectively and positively with grief caused by such a loss is central to a healthy and fulfilling life.

Words of Comfort and Hope
Various words of comfort and hope from an assortment of religious backgrounds.

Grief: Feelings, Physical Reactions, Thoughts and Typical Behaviors
Grief is a normal reaction to the loss of a significant someone or something in your life. Grief is a necessary process that helps an individual adjust to a loss. Grief does not mean you have a lack of faith. Unfortunately, there are no written scripts for how to grieve or for how long to grieve. Each person grieves in his or her unique way at his or her own pace.

Coping with Grief and Loss - Finding Support After a Loss
Advice for finding support after a loss.

Coping With Grief During the Holidays
Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Ramadan, Kwanza and New Year’s Day are annual holidays that can be a very difficult time for people who have experienced the death of someone they loved.

Bereavement Boxes (Memory Boxes)
As you begin to organize the material possessions your loved one acquired during life, you will encounter special mementos that describe your loved one. These are treasures that you may want to keep as a reminder of your loved one’s life. They give meaning and purpose to your loved one’s life and are living reminders of how they lived, what they accomplished and how they touched your life and the lives of others.

Are There Stages of Grief?
In 1969, psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler-Ross introduced what became known as the “five stages of grief.” These stages of grief were based on her studies of the feelings of patients facing terminal illness, but many people have generalized them to other types of negative life changes and losses, such as the death of a loved one or a break-up.

Tasks of the Mourning Process
Sometimes in your grief you want to be doing something instead of waiting until you feel better. William J. Worden shares about the tasks involved in the mourning process. When you are focused on a task, it seems to help deal with the present situation and cope with the changes in your life.

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