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9th Annual The Wesley Communities Charity Golf Classic 2018

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2015 Donor Recognition Event

Rick Pierce escorts Mr. & Mrs. Barnes to the event. MES Board Chairman Clarence Cunningham arrives with wife Jane.

Guests enjoy a delicious spread compliments of Ruth's Chris Steak House. Donors enjoy remarks from CEO Peg Carmany.

Peg Carmany and Mark Palmer enjoy the beautiful evening.Bob Holm, Chairman of the MES Development Committee, thanks guests for their kindness and generosity.

Dave and June Harcum with plans for new Harcum Fitness & Aquatic Center.

2014 Donor Recognition Event

Mary and Richard Hudson enjoy the evening’s glitz and glamour. Wesley Glen Resident Dick Spires escorted his daughter, Molly Dodane, to the show.

Wesley Ridge and Wesley Glen residents and guests share friendship and great food. Grace and Walt Thiel dressed to the nines!

Belle McLaughlin and guest Frank Zubovich arriving for the Sinatra salute Sisters Dorothy Evans and Mabel Varner share a special evening together

Russ Hall escorted Mary Ann Short to the evening’s festivities Mark Palmer is wowed by the entertainment and cuisine of the evening

Nancy and Dave Rummel enjoy a “Sinatra” date night Michael Sonata salutes Ol’ Blue Eyes

Joe and Freda Hill cut a rug! Betty and Bob Barnes share a joke and a smile with Lauri Kyler

Peg Carmany, CEO, Nancy Warren, and Peg’s guest, Robert Perry, are all smiles over the evening’s festivities Jack Whitaker, Mary LeMaster, and Bev Whitaker “Get a Kick” out of each other

“New York, New York” chorus line!

2014 Taste of Ridge

Race for Our Residents - 10/12/2013

This family walked in honor of their mother who is in English Garden at Wesley Ridge.

Race For Our Residents
Overal Finish List

October 12, 2013

Results By Columbus Roadrunners Club

 Place    Name                    City               Bib No Age      Time      Pace              
       1    Krista Duggan                                  21           25:40.9    8:17/M             
       2    Carrie Bugg                                    22           25:41.0    8:17/M             
       3    Steve Rohr                                     72           26:06.2    8:25/M             
       4    Ashlea Braun                                   74           27:17.3    8:48/M             
       5    Colleen Krupp                                   5           28:57.6    9:20/M             
       6    Sam Mamula                                     18           30:16.3    9:46/M             
       7    Jennifer    Brink                              89   33      31:14.3   10:05/M             
       8    Marc Downing            Pataskala  OH          19           31:58.6   10:19/M             
       9    Christine Defenbaugh                            9           32:00.8   10:19/M             
      10    Andrea May                                      2           32:43.2   10:33/M             
      11    Angela Litzenberg                              79   43      35:10.9   11:21/M             
      12    Timekia Tatum                                  77           35:12.0   11:21/M             
      13    Bonnie Staudmayer                              17           35:28.0   11:26/M             
      14    Lauran Croman                                  82           36:07.5   11:39/M             
      15    Jenny Bertgna                                  20           36:08.4   11:39/M             
      16    Dirk Defenbaugh                                10           37:42.4   12:10/M             
      17    Megan Nicholson                                88           37:43.8   12:10/M             
      18    Grant Schaffner                                80           37:49.3   12:12/M             
      19    Steve Schaffner                                81           37:53.7   12:13/M             
      20    Anthony Braun                                  90   59      39:22.9   12:42/M             
      21    James Mahin                                    14           41:10.5   13:17/M             
      22    Chad Begley                                    84           43:11.2   13:56/M             
      23    Rhonda St. Onge                                28           43:26.0   14:01/M             
      24    Drew Croman                                    83           43:31.5   14:02/M             
      25    Katherine Begley                               85           43:32.8   14:03/M             
      26    Lenni Male                                     15           44:09.3   14:15/M             
      27    Amanda Lentz                                   13           45:13.7   14:35/M             
      28    Lauri Kyler                                    25           53:18.1   17:12/M             
      29    Joe Kyler                                      26           53:20.4   17:12/M             
      30    Samantha Thomas                                27           53:36.9   17:17/M             
      31    Donna Gautier                                  73           56:53.0   18:21/M             
      32    Brenda Christy                                 78           56:57.5   18:22/M             
      33    Debra Pryor                                    16         1:02:33.8   20:11/M             
      34    Judith Lensing                                 23         1:02:34.1   20:11/M             
      35    Anita Budd                                      4   67    1:02:35.8   20:11/M             
      36    Crystal Busher                                  8         1:04:01.9   20:39/M       

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My Husband and I had a great expierence when taking our tour with Fanny. She was a pure delight and she made us feel very confortable with her and the facility. She was very informative and answered all of our questions for us. I really enjoyed speaking with her and enjoyed her great personality during our tour.

- Nancy Gallop
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